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Vote Bill Wolpert – November 7 Email

 Subject: The Clock Has Run Down, It’s Time to Do Your Duty

My name is Bill Wolpert.  I'm running for Petaluma City Council.  This is the final pre-election installment in my continuing conversation with the voters of Petaluma.

After all of the effort you’ve made to support my campaign, please make sure that the effort counts by voting.  None of what we have discussed and debated matters if you don’t vote.

Petaluma has a number of important development decisions to make in the next few years; the new lease and plan for the Fairgrounds, the development around the Downtown SMART station, the Davidon housing development, the location of the North Petaluma SMART station, and more.  Today, more than ever before, we need to ensure that our development meets the goals of our General Plan and results in projects that benefit us and not just developers.

Help me help you to keep Petaluma special.  And the best help you can provide right now is by voting.

A few reminders in case you want to review my candidacy.  All of my emails are collected on my website as Messages from Bill.  Also, the videos from my kickoff party and my conversations with the mayor are on Video tab.  It’s not too late to share with friends who may still be making up their minds.

And if you want to attend the Tuesday evening Election Party at the Petaluma Woman’s Club, please reply to this email and I’ll add your name to the list.  The entry price is $10, much of which will go to Mentor Me, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds.  Entry will give you beverages, light snacks, and eager conversation as the tallies roll in.

Lastly, let me share a comment that arrived Saturday morning.  The writer is the son of good friends and an attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council.  It seemed the right note on which to conclude my campaign.  “A vote for Bill Wolpert is a vote for smart growth and informed planning. As a practicing environmental advocate and attorney, I can't think of a better candidate to help shape the future of my hometown.

Now, go vote!

Bill Wolpert

Candidate, Petaluma City Council

Bill Wolpert for Petaluma City Council
40 Fourth St., Box 278
Petaluma, CA 94952
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