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Vote Bill Wolpert – November 3 Email

Subject: Making Sure Everyone Can Reach the Polls

My name is Bill Wolpert.  I'm running for Petaluma City Council.  This is another installment in my continuing conversation with the voters of Petaluma.

With the 2016 general election now only days away, I’m recollecting stories from past elections about voters who planned to cast ballots but found themselves without rides, leaving them homebound and their ballots unused.

Regardless of the candidates those voters may have favored, that wasn’t a good result.  Democracy becomes stronger as the vote tally rises.

My campaign team has done some research on polling place ride programs in Petaluma.  Thus far, we’ve found a couple of organizations that are trying to pull together an effort, but none that seem firm.

So I have two requests.

First, if you know of a Petaluma polling place ride program, let me know.  A reply email would work fine.

Second, if you know of someone who needs a ride, let me know that also.  My team will try to match up riders with programs.

To be clear, any rides we help organize wouldn’t be an effort to secure votes.  Not only would that be a violation of election law, but it would unseemly.  Our campaign will conclude Monday evening.  Tuesday will solely be a celebration that we live in a democracy, starting with casting ballots.

Let’s make sure that everyone who wants to vote is able to vote.

I've been sharing what I think about the present and future of Petaluma.  But I also want to know what you think.  You can reply to this email, send me a message from my website, or talk to me at one of the events listed on my website.  I care about your opinions.

Bill Wolpert

Candidate, Petaluma City Council

Bill Wolpert for Petaluma City Council
40 Fourth St., Box 278
Petaluma, CA 94952
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