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Vote Bill Wolpert - October 31 Email

Subject: Watch for Sidewalk Cracks on Halloween

 My name is Bill Wolpert.  I'm running for Petaluma City Council.  This is another installment in my continuing conversation with the voters of Petaluma.

It’s Halloween, an evening of excitement for the next generation, whether extorting candy from neighbors for the first time or exploring new territories with friends, emboldened by masks and beyond adult supervision.

But whatever you do, whether shepherding little ones around the neighborhood or sending older ones out the door with crossed fingers, remember to watch for the cracks in Petaluma’s sidewalks. 

For all the handwringing done over our potholes, our sidewalks may be even worse.  By tomorrow morning, there will surely be scraped knees and banged elbows from sidewalk stumbles.

Our sidewalks are a major impediment to greater walkability.  It’s hard to promote a walking lifestyle when we must pick our way over broken and tree-heaved sidewalks.

I know that most sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of homeowners and that the City Council, to its credit, has recently adopted a program to finance sidewalk repairs for homeowners.  But the lack of dollars to fully implement the program is an indictment of our poor financial resiliency, which is a direct result of the type of development we’ve allowed.

If we’d more closely followed the wisely-adopted General Plan and Central Petaluma Specific Plan, we’d have more money to help homeowners fix sidewalks.

It will be a long journey to repair our finances but, like all journeys, we must begin with a single step.  In this case, that step can be on November 8 when you vote for me for City Council.

Before closing, I’ll note that we’re down to the final week of the campaign.  I feel good that my message is getting out and I believe that voters are responding, but my team and I will run hard all the way to the tape.


We can use your help.  All week long, we’ll be posting campaign videos on the Video page of my website.  Today, clips from my kickoff function are available for viewing.   As the week goes on, videos of my views on hotel taxes, historic preservation, and other topics of interest will be posted.

I need every reader to keep checking back for new videos and to tell friends about the videos.  (You can also tell them about the Messages from Bill page, which is a collection of these emails.)   I need your vote, but to win a Council seat, I also need your friends’ votes.  Please help me secure those important votes.

I've been sharing what I think about the present and future of Petaluma.  But I also want to know what you think.  You can reply to this email, send me a message from my website, or talk to me at one of the events listed on my website.  I care about your opinions.

Bill Wolpert

Candidate, Petaluma City Council

Bill Wolpert for Petaluma City Council
40 Fourth St., Box 278
Petaluma, CA 94952
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