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Vote Bill Wolpert - October 30 Email

Subject: Hosting a Town Hall Meeting

My name is Bill Wolpert.  I'm running for Petaluma City Council.  This is another installment in my continuing conversation with the voters of Petaluma.

I participated with eagerness, and a touch of trepidation, in the two candidate forums held this election season.  I mostly enjoyed the experience, although I also tossed and turned the nights afterward, worrying over words I could have used better and thoughts I failed to express at all.

But ultimately, my primary thought is the forum format is too confining and stilted.  Good governance isn’t about pulling up canned 60-second speeches on topics that been chewed upon for years.  It’s about thinking clearly and cogently as new information arises and convincing others of the rightness of your thinking.

Thus, I was thrilled when it was suggested that I host a town hall meeting Tuesday evening at the Aqus Café.  I don’t know exactly how this will work, but we’ll start shortly after 7:00.  I’ll respond to any question that someone wants to toss at me, including follow-up questions.  Together, let’s dig deeply into the topics that matter to you.  It’ll be an evening when I also hope to learn from you.

And I encourage other candidates in the Council race to join me in fielding your questions.  Let’s truly show the voters how issues should be aired and resolved.

I’ll only propose one rule.  One candidate isn’t allowed to stalk around looking grumpy when another candidate is answering a question.  That’s just too creepy the day after Halloween.

I hope to see many of you, including other candidates, Tuesday evening.

I've been sharing what I think about the present and future of Petaluma.  But I also want to know what you think.  You can reply to this email, send me a message from my website, or talk to me at one of the events listed on my website.  I care about your opinions.

Bill Wolpert

Candidate, Petaluma City Council

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